Military encampment in Polzone, 1915 (AVT)

Sala 3

  • The italian army on the Garda front

    04 January 1900

    On 24th May 1915, Tremosine, together with limone on the border with Valle di Ledro, found itself involved in the war. Vesio was the most exposed village and quickly became an important centre for dearing the troops and armaments that had to reach and reinforce the forward positions.

  • General unpreparedness

    05 January 1900

    Even in the North Garda area, the war had started with a general lack of preparation. 8oth officers an d enlisted men were highly dissatisfied due to the lack of material and equipment. This is how Maj. Giuseppe Caio, commander of the Val Chiese Battalion, described the situation in his military logbook: