Tremosine harbour-Pieve road (ACM)

Sala 2

  • Tremosine sul Garda and its History

    01 January 1900

    A prehistoric site was discovered in Pieve by Arturo Cozzaglio, at the top of the climb leading up from the harbour. Prehistoric artefacts were also unearthed in the Castello, Lis and Calvarice areas. Proof of a probable Etrusca n settlement is a plaque found in the beli tower of the church of Voltino and now kept in Brescia. lt measures 40x40cm and bears a bilingual inscription, partly in Latin, partly in undecipherable characters.

  • In and around Tremosine sul Garda

    02 January 1900

    In order to fully appreciate the scenic beauty of Pieve, you first have to travel up the Brasa gorge, where the rock has been gouged out, almost tortured, by the river for centuries.